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Key Fundamentals of Using Passive Voice in Dissertation

Passive voice can be best described as a form or a set of different forms of a verb where the subject undergoes the action of the verb. The use of passive voice in academic as well as other forms of writing has been introduced to express interest in a person or an object that goes through a particular action rather than the object or the person who performs the action. Students often get confused when they are using passive voice and they end up doing things wrong as passive voice essentialities come with a lot of critical areas to acknowledge and meet. Writing a dissertation is a task that every student is faced with at least once in academic life and to do it right, students need to know about the correct usage of passive voice in their paper. While it might seem a scary prospect, it is nothing to worry about as the English language is no doubt very complex and sometimes, we are unable to exactly determine what we are doing or what we want to do and how. According to a dissertation w