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How to Write a Thesis for Doctoral Degree?

  Introduction A doctoral degree is not like a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Unlike these degrees, the Ph.D. degree requires students to work on research rather than theory. Students have to work on original research and publish it as part of their coursework. As I mentioned earlier, working on a Ph.D. thesis is not an easy thing. Students face a lot of difficulties in accomplishing this task. They need some kind of guidelines, tips and tricks, and techniques to follow. Therefore, keeping this in view, today’s article is here with all the required guidelines. It will discuss all the steps required to complete a perfect thesis for a doctoral degree. Steps to follow to write a thesis Writing a thesis is not an easy job for students. They need some kind of guidance in this regard. Therefore, I have prepared this guide after interviewing the top professors of different universities in the UK. The points that I am going to mention below are the common points that they talked about.