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Types of Research Philosophies Used in Dissertation Methodology

Research philosophy is the set of briefs showing development of knowledge. In simple words, research philosophies show how a researcher can collect, analyse, and report data. Research philosophy is an essential part of the research method. The two common research models include Saunders’ research onion, and Honeycomb Model. Research philosophy is the first step in both models. Research philosophy tells the researcher’s views about basic principles of the world. It helps the author in choosing the correct research approach. It also tells how to select the correct strategy in methodology chapter of the dissertation . Different Types of Research Philosophies for the Method Section of Dissertation Generally, the Research philosophy has three basic components; Ontology Epistemology Axiology The details highlighting how these three terms differ from each other are as follows; Ontology: Ontology tries to explain the reality of nature of assumptions. One benefit of ontology is that you can cha