How to Write a Thesis for Doctoral Degree?



A doctoral degree is not like a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Unlike these degrees, the Ph.D. degree requires students to work on research rather than theory. Students have to work on original research and publish it as part of their coursework. As I mentioned earlier, working on a Ph.D. thesis is not an easy thing. Students face a lot of difficulties in accomplishing this task. They need some kind of guidelines, tips and tricks, and techniques to follow. Therefore, keeping this in view, today’s article is here with all the required guidelines. It will discuss all the steps required to complete a perfect thesis for a doctoral degree.

Steps to follow to write a thesis

Writing a thesis is not an easy job for students. They need some kind of guidance in this regard. Therefore, I have prepared this guide after interviewing the top professors of different universities in the UK. The points that I am going to mention below are the common points that they talked about. Hence, a brief description of the steps to follow is as follows:

Know the structure

First things first, you must know the structure of a Ph.D. thesis. Without knowing the structure, you cannot know about the sections of a thesis. Moreover, you will have no idea of what will go in, in every section of a thesis. So, it is imperative for you to know about the thesis structure before anything. Sometimes, the teachers give guidelines about the structure. Therefore, it is always helpful to read those guidelines.

Prepare the thesis outline

The next step in writing a thesis is the preparation of the thesis outline. This outline does not let you go off track. In the thesis outline, you break the whole thesis into small chunks and make a preliminary report on what you will talk about in each chapter. This outline will also serve as a table of content for your thesis. Always remember to make a timetable too, along with the outline. It is because both things allow a smooth writing process.

Research, research, and research

After performing the steps mentioned above, you know what will go in your thesis. So, now is the time to research that data. You have to read tons of information before you actually start writing a thesis project. It is why I have used the word research thrice. The more you read, the more perfect your thesis will be. Another important thing while researching is that try to take data from only the authentic sites. Use the CRAAP test if you do not know whether the information is authentic or not.

Write as you research

Writing while researching is the best practice. The professors said so because they think that you lose many things when you research first and then write. For example, there can be an important point that you forget to write while researching. Once you start writing the thesis, there are chances that you will miss that point. So, write as you research if you want a perfect thesis.


Writing a quality thesis is the most arduous job that Ph.D. students have to perform. Not only the complexity of the thesis contributes to this, but the students’ lack of knowledge about how to a thesis is also a major contributor. Therefore, you must pay special attention to the tips mentioned above.

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