Modern Concept of Sustainable Development

The process of maintaining productivity by replacing the existing resources with other resources without damaging natural biotic systems is sustainable development. Here, we have to discuss the carrying capacity of natural resources. We should also keep in mind the social, economic and political challenges for humanity. In sustainability science, we have to study environmental science and sustainability development. This thing is also lasting some emphasis on the current generation. The current generation has to focus on regeneration and maintaining the planetary resources. That's why its roots are found in forest development.

Modern Concept of Development

Dimensions of Sustainable Development

In the dimensions of sustainable development, there come to its pillars or domains. Rene Passet has given three-dimension frameworks. In these frameworks, there comes economy, society and environment. Anyhow, some other authors have also included the fourth pillar of culture in sustainable development. That's why we have to discuss the four dimensions of sustainable development.


We can also call it human ecology. This domain of sustainable development is related to human health. Here, assignment help firms have to take care of the fundamental needs of human beings. In these fundamental needs, there comes air, water and food. We can also call them the foundations of ecological development. Along with addressing public health, we should also make enough investments. In some cases, we should also try to extend these things to all the species. When we discuss environmental sustainability, our concern should be the natural environment.

We should work hard to make it productive and diverse. Its reason is that we can drive natural resources like the state of air, water and climate from environmental developments. Here, human beings have to design new resources to meet needs. Moreover, they have to preserve the life support systems for the plants. To fulfil the food and textile needs of human beings, we have to focus on farming. Here, we should also focus on sustainable agriculture. We can easily do it by understanding the ecosystem services. To prepare sustainable food systems, we have to focus on farming practices.


Due to poverty and overexploitation, people are treating environmental resources as economic assets. If we want to bring necessary changes to the environment, we have to develop a sustainable economic system. Here, we have to bring improvement in overall GDP growth. If we want to decrease resource consumption, we have to bring improvements in the lives of the people. According to Malte Faber, we have to bring improvements in ecological economics by focusing on justice, time and nature. To create equilibrium within the society, we have to focus on the basic ecological support systems.

That's why different scientists have also discussed the limits of growth in various areas. Along with explaining these limits, they have also discussed its alternatives under the name of a steady-state economy. This is the best concept to expand steady human development on the planet. The law essay writing services firm in environmental economics, we should not include the only biosphere of the earth. We should also include the surroundings of the biosphere. To advance economics, the countries are absorbing high levels of pollution. The countries should find out the best ways to grow the economics of the world without compromising on pollution. It means that they should find out sustainable energy resources.

Modern Concept of Development 1


No doubt, social indicators are the major parts of sustainable development. Therefore, we should inform these social indicators of sustainable development to the public policymakers. For this reason, IISD has made a political policy framework. In this framework, they have included six indicators. First of all, they have discussed international trade and investment. Secondly, they are discussing the economic policy of a country. Thirdly, they have discussed climate change and energy consumptions within a country. Fourthly, they are focusing on the assessment and measurement of the resources. Fifthly, they have to focus on natural resource management.

At last, they are showing the importance of communication technologies. The politicians have to make such a system that they can apply beyond states and governance. Here, they should also define the domains of practices and the issues associated with these domains. They should also keep in mind these changes are important to respond to ecological changes. The politicians should also keep in mind the politics of economic change. They should also involve sub-domains of politics in this process. For example, they don't ignore ethics and accountability. They should also focus on the commission that has a concern with the human rights principles.


According to the modern concept of sustainable development, we have to work with different emphases. That's why we should also include this fourth dimension in sustainable development. If we are just focusing on the economic, social and environmental dimensions, we can't show the complexity of this concept. That's why UCLG has included this agenda. While including this dimension, they have tried to show its relation with other dimensions. In a new document, they have explained all the perspectives and points. While explaining these perspectives and points, they have presented a solid cultural policy.

Moreover, they have also advocated the cultural dimensions in the public policies. After knowing the idea of UCLG, some other organizations have also supported this idea. That's why this idea is getting fame across the world. Some organizations have explained that cultural diversity is one of the core elements of sustainable development. When we observe some famous organizations in the world, we will know that they have created special designs in the support of these concepts. They have proved it the major part of the holistic evaluation of the site development.

Modern Concept of Development 2


In sustainable development, we have to include organizing principles to meet human development goals. We have to develop sustaining ability of natural resources without relying on the natural resources. The main desire of this concept is to create a society where we have to use different living conditions and resources to meet human needs. Here, we have explained the four pillars of this concept. These four pillars are economy, society, environment and culture. The researchers have included culture in the dimensions of this concept after showing its relations with other dimensions.

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